„Slow down for a moment.Take a short break from all your activities.Reconnect with yourself.“

Ulrike Kretzmer
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Integrate Meditationin your Workflow


The meditations are energizing and harmonizing at the same time and allow the energies to flow freely again. They are also a method to develop your potential.


The combination of movement, breathing and music releases inner tension and brings you into a flowing state with a positive impact for the whole body.


Enjoy the connection between movement and silence. Have the courage to let you touch from your emotions and your feelings. Through synchronized movements you will share your heart energy with others for half an hour.

Guided Meditations

Provide Movement Meditations to your community and your co-worker with live meditation events,guided by our Meditation Trainer Ulrike.
Duration: 60 min. + 15 min. Q&A session
Stages: 5
Type: slow movements
Effects: energizing, harmonizing

The Heart Chakra Meditation is a movement meditation based on music from the Sufi tradition with a simple combination of movements and breathing.

The heart chakra will be activated and balanced, which positively affects the whole body.This meditation releases inner tension and brings you into a flowing state.

It energizes and harmonizes at the same time. It allows you to create a day full of energy, clarity, serenity and joy.

Heart-Chakra Meditation Manual
Duration: 60 min. + 15 min. Q&A session
Stages: 4
Type: shaking, dancing, resting
Effects: release inner tensions

The meditation technique also effects on deeper levels:
Inner tensions and hardenings are shaken off on a physical and psychological base and an inner harmony arises.

It is as well a method for the prevention of stress, burnout and depression and a good training of spirit and mindfulness.

The course of the meditation takes place in 4 stages of 15 minutes each.

Kundalini Meditation Manual


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